Panama LatinAmerica E-Commerce Fulfilment Hub

Panama Hub provides the ideal location for e-commerce cross-border fulfilment operations for the Latin-American market thanks to the unrivalled connectivity and fiscal incentives of our Tax-Free Zones.

Panama’s logistic network has the ability to ship anywhere in Latin America via DHL Express with 24-48 hours leadtimes with no tax charges in Panama.

Today, the majority of cross-border e-commerce sales for Latin America are being fulfilled directly from China or from the US, adding significant costs and time on shipping. If you place an order today from a Chinese E-Commerce Marketplace it takes over 35 days to be delivered to Latin America. Times from US Marketplaces and Vendors vary, but the biggest volumes are shipped domestic to Miami and then shipped by integrators to each country, adding double taxation, double air freight, and double last mile costs.

J. Cain’s Ecommerce Fulfilment Center Solution leverages on Panama Hub Connectivity and Fiscal Incentives, coupled with our operational efficiency of pick and pack fulfilment process to provide 48 – 72 hours end to end Order Delivery Lead Times. This combination provides an ideal platform to reach individuals across Latin America directly with quick and reliable service.

J. Cain & Co. | Supply Chain Services in Panama and Latin America

E-Commerce currently represents approximately 6% of retails sales in Latin America and is growing by over 12% per year.

This rapid growth rate implies that companies need to define and implement their E-Commerce strategy in Latin America very quickly in order to stay competitive.

This tendency has been identified by top multinational companies and wholesale merchants based in Panama, and the segment has grown to represent over 10% of courier packages delivered from Panama’s Free Zones. This growth and potential have led to the development of an active ecosystem of vendors, marketplaces, shipping providers, online marketing, IT consultants, and fulfilment centers, that are actively paving the way for the logistics of the new economy.

J. Cain & Co is proud to be an integral part of this ecosystem, providing a plug and play inventory management and order fulfilment solution while supporting current and potential customers to design and implement the best e-commerce fulfilment strategy in Latin America for their particular business.